Creativity Under Fire: The Effects of Competition on Creative Production

The Review of Economics and Statistics, 102(3), 583-599. 2020.

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Collusive Investments in Technological Compatibility: Lessons from U.S. Railroads in the Late 19th Century

Management Science, 66(12), 5683-5700. 2020.

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Performance Feedback in Competitive Product Development

RAND Journal of Economics, 48(2), 438-466. 2017.

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Working papers

Why Do Firms Automate Production, and How Do They Adjust? Evidence from the Bell Telephone System in the Early 20th Century draft available upon request

(with James Feigenbaum)

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Press: AAASAEIdeas

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Projects in progress

Innovation Policy in a Crisis: Lessons from History and COVID-19

(with Bhaven Sampat)

The Long-Run Impacts of Crisis Medical Research on the Life Sciences

(with Bhaven Sampat)

The Effects of the World War II Research Effort on Scientific Human Capital, Collaborations, and Careers

(with Bhaven Sampat and Innessa Colaiacovo)

U.S. Entrepreneurship over the 20th Century

(with Jorge Guzman and Innessa Colaiacovo)

The Effects of Foreign Intellectual Property Theft on U.S. Innovation

(with Britta Glennon and Lia Sheer)

Please contact me for a synopsis of projects in progress.

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