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Crisis Innovation and National Competitiveness

For a summary of my work on this theme, please see this NBER Reporter article.

11. America, Jump-started: World War II R&D and the Takeoff of the U.S. Innovation System

American Economic Review, 113(12), 3323-3356. 2023.

(with Bhaven Sampat)

Abstract (click to expand)

Abstract (click to expand)

Media: NBER Digest, HBS Working Knowledge, VoxEU, New Things Under the Sun

Data on World War II secrecy orders available here

8. Crisis Innovation Policy from World War II to COVID-19

(with Bhaven Sampat)

NBER Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy and the Economy, 135-181. 2022.

Abstract (click to expand)

7. The Economics of Crisis Innovation Policy: A Historical Perspective

(with Bhaven Sampat)

AEA Papers & Proceedings, 111, 346-350. 2021.

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Automation and Technology Diffusion

6. Answering the Call of Automation: How the Labor Market Adjusted to the Mechanization of Telephone Operation

(with James Feigenbaum)

Forthcoming at The Quarterly Journal of Economics

Abstract (click to expand)

5. Organizational and Economic Obstacles to Automation: A Cautionary Tale from AT&T in the Twentieth Century

(with James Feigenbaum) **Strategy Science conference Best Paper award

Forthcoming at Management Science

Abstract (click to expand)

Abstract (click to expand)

Media: The Economist, American Enterprise Institute (1, 2)

Managing Creative Workers

2. Creativity Under Fire: The Effects of Competition on Creative Production

The Review of Economics and Statistics, 102(3), 583-599. 2020.

Abstract (click to expand)

1. Performance Feedback in Competitive Product Development

RAND Journal of Economics, 48(2), 438-466. 2017.

Abstract (click to expand)

Working papers

12. Coordinated R&D Programs and the Creation of New Industries

(with Maria Roche)

revise & resubmit at Strategic Management Journal

Abstract (click to expand)

13. The Composition and Dynamics of Technology-enabled Entrepreneurship

(with Jorge Guzman and Innessa Colaiacovo)

revise & resubmit at Strategic Management Journal

Abstract (click to expand)

14. The Government Patent Register: A New Resource for Measuring U.S. Government-Funded Patenting

(with Bhaven Sampat)

revise & resubmit at Research Policy

Abstract (click to expand)

Data on U.S. gov't funded patents available here

15. The Systemic Effects of Mission-Oriented Research: World War II and the Mid-Century Expansion of Biomedicine

(with Bhaven Sampat)

Abstract (click to expand)

Draft available on request

16. Who Pays for Scientific Training in the United States?

(with Dror Shvadron and Hansen Zhang)

Abstract (click to expand)

Draft not yet circulating

Projects in progress

The Incidence and Effects of Foreign IP Theft on U.S. Firms and Industries

(with Britta Glennon and Lia Sheer)

Additional projects underway on:

  • The estimation of public-private R&D spillovers over long horizons

  • The impacts of large, systemic declines in public R&D investment

  • Windfalls to technical knowledge stocks in high-tech industries

  • Organizational complexity as a source of technology lock-in

  • Automation and the decline of organized labor in America

  • Unions, division of rents, and reskilling in an age of automation

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