Creativity Under Fire: The Effects of Competition on Creative Production

The Review of Economics and Statistics, 102(3), 583-599. 2020.

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Collusive Investments in Technological Compatibility: Lessons from U.S. Railroads in the Late 19th Century

forthcoming at Management Science

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Performance Feedback in Competitive Product Development

RAND Journal of Economics, 48(2), 438-466. 2017.

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Working papers

The Consequences of Invention Secrecy: Evidence from the USPTO Patent Secrecy Program in WW2

NBER working paper 25545, HBS working paper 19-090

revise & resubmit

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Mission-Oriented Research in a National Emergency: Lessons from the Office of Scientific Research and Development in World War II (with Bhaven Sampat, Columbia University) draft coming soon

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Inventing the Endless Frontier: The Effects of the World War II Research Effort on Post-war Innovation (with Bhaven Sampat, Columbia University)

NBER working paper 27375, HBS working paper 20-126

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Link to draft (updated 6/2/2020)

Press: AxiosAEIdeas

Automation and the Plight of Young Workers: Evidence from the Automation of Telephone Operation in the Early 20th Century (with James Feigenbaum) draft available upon request

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Why Do Firms Automate Production, and How Do They Adjust? Evidence from the Bell Telephone System in the Early 20th Century (with James Feigenbaum) draft available upon request

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Projects in progress

Scientific Labor Mobility and Regional Advantage: Lessons from the U.S. in the Postwar Era

The Long-Run Impacts of Crisis Medical Research on the Life Sciences: Evidence from the World War II Committee on Medical Research (with Bhaven Sampat, Columbia University)

Centralizing Science: Experience at World War II Research Labs and Scientists' Post-war Careers and Collaboration Patterns (with Bhaven Sampat, Columbia University and Innessa Colaiacovo, HBS)

The Effects of Foreign Intellectual Property Theft on U.S. Innovation

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